Market data

Market data from NGM is provided through various market data vendors and directly from NGM.

Market data vendors

For a list of market data vendors click here. For market data vendors interested in adding NGM to its range of supported markets, please contact NGM Market Data (see contacts on the side).

Market data vendors must sign an Agreement of Distribution and Publication of Market Information (see below) with NGM. To retrieve the market data from NGM, market data vendors can either connect directly to the NGM exchange or take the data from one of the existing market data vendors. For information on technical requirements related to becoming a market data vendor with direct access to Elasticia, please see the section market access.

Market Data Agreement – Distributors
Market Data Price List – Distributors

End customer market data from NGM

Apart from retrieving market data from any of our market data vendors, end customers can connect directly with NGM to receive market data. Real time full order depth market data is available via the NGM FIX Protocol and those in need of less frequent snapshots of market data can use the Market Data API (MDAPI), which is an HTTP-based service.For more information on the technical services, contact NGM Technical support and for more information on agreements in relation to market data, contact NGM Market Data.

Market Data Agreement – End Customers
Market Data Price List – End Customers