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In brief, membership requires that the applicant:

  • is a securities institution which is authorised to conduct securities operations pursuant to Chapter 2, section 1, subsections 2 or 3 of the Securities Market Act (Sw. lagen (2007:528) om värdepappersmarknaden, the “SMA“), alternatively a foreign company which is authorised to conduct operations in its home country, equivalent to those just referred to, and which is under satisfactory supervision by public authority or other authorised body in its home country
  • has a capital (calculated in accordance with Chapter 3, section 7 of the SMA or equvialent legislation) of not less than 730,000 Euros
  • is deemed by the exchange to possess adequate organisational arrangements, necessary risk management procedures, sufficient technical systems, and otherwise be deemed suitable to participate in trading on the exchange; and
  • has a minimum of two employed brokers who satisfy the conditions set by the exchange


Signing up for membership includes processes concerning:

  • Application for membership
  • Agreement regarding participation in trading
  • Application for approval and registration of traders
  • Choice of communications channel and supplier
  • Choice of trading application

Rules for members


Description of Pre-Trade Transparency Waivers
Member Rules 20180103
Cancellation guidelines ETP and equivalent instruments on Nordic MTF 20180103
Cancellation guidelines SP and equivalent instruments on NDX 20180103
Liquidity provider guidelines
Liquidity Provider Rules 20180103
Market maker rules 20180103
Market making strategy rules 20180103

Application forms

Membership application
Agreement regarding participation in trading
Ansökan om godkännande och registrering av mäklare sept 2010
Member Account Setup Request
AML Check Spotlight