Issue at NGM

Before issuing any instruments at NGM’s market segment NDX, the issuer shall enter into NGM’s framework agreement for listing of financial instruments at NDX.

It is the responsibility of the issuer to ensure that the information submitted to NDX is correct. The issuer shall as soon as possible notify NDX with regard to any material changes in the terms for the instrument.

If a prospectus is required under the Swedish Financial Instrument Trading Act (SFS 1991:980), such prospectus shall have been produced and registered by the issuer and approved by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Sw. Finansinspektionen). If the competent authority is not the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, a verification of the passport shall be submitted to NDX.

Base Prospectus
For financial instruments issued under a base prospectus, the issuer shall once a year send a copy of the base prospectus to NDX together with a certificate of approval by the competent authority.

Listing documents
The issuer shall for each base prospectus provide NDX with an authorisation to apply for listing of financial instruments at NDX.

In addition, listing documents shall be provided before 14.00 CET the day before listing. The following listing documents shall be provided:

  • Final terms
  • Listing form


Listing documentation shall be sent to

Listing of financial instruments