Welcome to Nordic Growth Market (NGM)

Nordic Growth Market (NGM) is a regulated exchange, authorized by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Boerse Stuttgart, a German exchange that, like NGM, always puts the interest of investors first.  We believe in transparency and equal treatment and we use modern technology in order to reduce bureaucracy and unnecessary costs.

The prerequisite for efficient trading is a reliable, flexible and robust trading system. That is something that we of course also offer. The trading system Elasticia is used on the trading venues that we operate ourselves as well as by some external customers, for example the Swedish trading venue Spotlight Stock Market and the Swiss trading venue BX Swiss.

At the beginning of 2018, more than 10,000 securities were available for trading on NGM’s market places in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. Our ambition is to, together with our customers, continue the development of the most efficient and customer oriented exchange in the Nordics.

Our primary services

Issuing and trading opportunities for public companies
Issuing and trading opportunities for financial instruments such as ETP’s, structured products, bonds etc.
We are also offering a system for distribution of financial information through our web-based service NG News.

A customer-oriented exchange

Our focus on the customers and innovation is still one of our core values and it is visible in everything we do. Thanks to this mind-set we:

are the only stock exchange in the world that shares revenue with our listed companies in order to support their growth
offer tailor-made listing opportunities for companies
offer the widest product range of ETP’s in the Nordics
have built a flexible and tailor-made platform for issuers from where they can reach all of the Nordic countries
offer a world-leading trading system

Our network
We are a hub for many stakeholders and we offer a big network, both nationally and globally. And thanks to this network we can guide our customers to the right people. Our many contacts are one of our biggest strengths and we use them every day.

Welcome to NGM!