partnership for growth


Nordic Growth Markets is one of the leading Nordic stock exchanges with more than 40 years of experience as a dedicated partner for growth companies. Through our marketplaces In Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway, we provide trading in more than 40,000 instruments such as equities, bonds, AIF:s and derivatives. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of the Boerse Stuttgart Group, one of Germany's leading trading platforms for retail clients.

Nordic Growth Market’s role is to enable growth for all companies. We do this in a close partnership that is tailored to the companies' unique needs. With 35 years of experience working with Nordic growth companies, we have created an attractive revenue-sharing model that gives the companies increased value from their listing. We have a deep understanding of the entrepreneur's challenges and opportunities and therefore want to be a stable partner during the growth journey. Our partnership also includes access to the European capital market through Boerse Stuttgart.

Revenue Sharing

For us it is not enough to be a trading venue for our companies, we also want to be a partner that helps the companies prosper. Therefore, all of our companies may take part of the trading revenues generated when their shares are traded on the stock exchange. Sharing revenues is a way to increase the value of a stock exchange listing and give growing companies support and the opportunity to grow faster. With the revenue sharing, your company gets an extra income. For some, this means a reduction in the cost of being listed, while for others it will be an income that exceeds the cost of being listed. No matter what this gives your company, it is a revenue source that can be used to further develop your business. The revenue sharing applies to all our companies, both those listed on the regulated market Main Regulated and on the SME Growth Market, Nordic SME.