The upside of your listing

Does your company want to finance a new project, expand in a new market or make a larger acquisition? Then a stock exchange listing can be the right path. Seeking capital through an IPO is a major step in a company's development. There can be many reasons for taking such a step, but for most companies it is obviously about making it easier to raise new capital.

A quality stamp

An exchange listing also strengthens the brand and increases awareness of your business. The company will be reviewed and analyzed more extensively, compared to an unlisted company, while trading will be monitored by the exchange’s market surveillance. The increased transparency means a higher credibility and a quality stamp that is appreciated by customers, suppliers and employees.

By making your company's shares available to the general public, the company gains an independent market valuation of the share. As the number of shareholders grows, so does the number of ambassadors for your products and services. In other words, the stock exchange can be your best showcase. Once the company is listed, it will also be easier to find financing solutions, make acquisitions and design incentive programs for key employees within the organization. In addition, the possibility of an exit for existing shareholders are strengthened.

Where is our stock listed?

We provide two marketplaces for companies that wish to list their shares; Main Regulated, which is one of Sweden's two regulated stock markets and Nordic SME for growth companies. The process of listing your company on Nordic SME goes much faster and smoother, compared to a listing on Main Regulated. The rules are simplified and the listing requirements are not as comprehensive as in the regulated market.

No matter which of the marketplaces you choose, the opportunity for investors opens up to acquire the shares in a tax advantageous environment such as an investment savings account (ISK). It will also be easier to buy and sell shares and you can easily follow the share price through your bank or online broker.