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Listing process

This is how a listing works

Many people may think that a listing of a company's shares is only for large established companies and that the process is complicated. It doesn't have to be that way. We guide and support you through the listing process, which is celebrated with a bell ringing on the first trading day - the start of the stock exchange journey.

When your company's board of directors has decided on a listing of the company's shares, an initial meeting will be set up with our listing department. Together you set a reasonable schedule for the listing, go through the steps in the listing process and the documentation about the company that will be required.

  1. Meet a NGM representative and explore listing opportunities
  2. Preparations for becoming a public company begin
  3. Hire a financial advisor (mentor)

  4. Review Request

  5. Information memorandum (IM) or prospectus is prepared by the company
  6. Approval and publication of listing decision
  7. First day of trading


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