Nordic sme

Welcome to Nordic Growth Market's market for fast-growing companies - Nordic SME

Is the company in a phase of rapid growth and would like to take the next step in its development? Then a listing on our market for fast-growing small and medium-sized companies - Nordic SME - can be the right step. A listing on Nordic SME strengthens the brand and increases awareness of the company's operations, while the increased transparency that a listing entails increases credibility and a stamp of quality towards customers, business partners and potential investors. A listing also means that the company has access to our broad network of qualified advisors.

A smooth listing process

During the listing process, the company's legal and financial position is reviewed to ensure that the company is ready for the requirements of a listing. Our ambition is to provide companies with the best possible conditions for meeting the listing requirements and therefore our listing process is specially adapted to the companies' needs and is characterized by a dialogue between us and the companies. We also use modern technology to reduce bureaucracy and unnecessary costs. To ensure that the companies are well prepared for the listing, all companies are offered training in the applicable disclosure rules and other relevant laws. In addition, we collaborate with a large number of banks, brokers and advisors in areas such as corporate finance and brokerage. Depending on the company's situation, operations and issued volume, we offer correct guidance and ensure that the company receives advisors that are best suited to take the company through the listing and capital acquisition process.