The Exchange

    Nordic Growth Market NGM AB, which is owned by Börse Stuttgart, is a Swedish stock exchange with authorization from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority to operate a regulated market, Main Regulated, a multilateral trading platform, Nordic MTF, and an SME Growth Market, Nordic SME.

    On the regulated market Main Regulated, listing and trading of shares and equity-related securities, AIFs, bonds and other structured products are offered. The trading platform Nordic MTF offers listing and trading in exchange traded products (ETPs), such as bull and bear certificates, warrants and mini futures. Nordic SME, the SME Growth Market, offers listing and trading of shares and equity-related securities.

    Through various market segments, NGM also offers investors in Finland, Norway and Denmark the opportunity to trade instruments on the NGM exchange. Such trading takes place in local currency and settlement takes place at the local clearing organization.

    All trading takes place in the NGM exchange's proprietary trading system, Elasticia, to which NGM's members, Swedish and European banks and investment firms can connect.

    Basic information

    LEI 549300RUEBDP37NOGI48
    Institution number (FI) 035718
    BIC8 (8 tecken) NGMNSES1
    BIC1 (11 tecken) NGMNSES1XXX
    MIC Main Regulated XNGM
    MIC Nordic SME NSME
    MIC Nordic MTF NMTF