Disciplinary Committee

NGM is legally required to have a Disciplinary Committee with the task of handling cases concerning members and issuers' violations of the rules that apply at the stock exchange.

The Disciplinary Committee shall consist of at least five members, of which the chairman and the deputy chairman shall be legally qualified (Sw. lagfaren) and experienced as judges. At least two of the other members must be well versed in the securities market. The members of the Disciplinary Committee shall be independent in relation to the stock exchange.

NGM’s Disciplinary Committee consists of:

  • Anders Ackebo, Chairman
  • Severin Blomstrand, Deputy Chairman
  • Bernt Magnusson, Member
  • Fredrik Palm, Member
  • Anna Ramel, Member
  • Alf-Peter Svensson, Member
  • Christina Ploom, Member