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Technical Communication

NGM makes available technical information on our Elasticia Participants site (a Google site) and announce technical updates and changes to systems, protocols, network etc. via our Elasticia Participants forum (a Google group). The participants site and the forum are open to members, market data vendors, service providers and other integrators.

The following types of participants should make sure to register for the participants login only area:

  • NGM exchange members
  • Trading service providers
  • Trading software providers
  • Market data vendors
  • Back office service providers
  • +Anyone else whose services relies on the need to get updates on actions related to the NGM production and test systems

Elasticia Participants Site

Documentation on protocols, instrument schema, APIs, market model etc are accessed through the Elasticia Participants site.

Registration can be requested directly from the Elasticia Participants site or by contacting NGM Technical Support. Please be aware that if you have some interest in being notified on upcoming actions in the production and testing environments, you should make sure to register with the Elasticia Participants forum as well.

Elasticia Participants Forum

Information on upcoming technical changes related to the production system are announced via the Elasticia Participants forum. All participants of the NGM exchange and Spotlight stock market (directly or indirectly) should therefor make sure that relevant persons and/or functions within the company are registered to receive the announcements posted on the Elasticia Participants forum.

To access the Elasticia Participants forum either follow the link to the forum to request access or contact NGM Technical Support for further assistance. It shall be mentioned that we request clients to use company e-mail addresses for the accounts.