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Record development on NGM

Record development on NGM

NGMs Nordic Growth Market Index increased by 107 percent during 2013. The last years strong development showed no signs of weakness in January with a continuing increase by 6 percent.

"We are of course very delighted with the development and continue with our strategic efforts to operate as an exchange where small and medium-sized businesses can grow into successful corporations.” says Tommy Fransson, Vice President, NGM.

Equity turnover also increased during 2013 with a massive 147 percent. And January 2014 saw turnover increase a further whopping 178 percent compared to the month before.

”2013 has really been a record breaking year for us and we feel a continuing growing demand from investors that want to trade with us. We have for many years worked hard to become a viable alternative to the traditional exchange with focus on delivering a high quality trading technology system, commitment and flexibility.” comments Tommy Fransson, Vice President, NGM.

NGM trades about 10,000 Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish financial instruments. It’s a wholly-owned subsidiary of the German exchange, Börse Stuttgart, in operation since 1861 and one of Europe’s leading exchanges within several segments.

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Tommy Fransson, Deputy CEO, NGM

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About Nordic Growth Market NGM AB

Since 2003, Nordic Growth Market (NGM) is an Exchange authorized by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and is today a wholly-owned subsidiary of Börse Stuttgart Holding GmbH, also the owner of Börse Stuttgart, the leading retail exchange in Germany. NGM’s ambition is to be the leading exchange for retail investors in the Nordic region and to be the most attractive alternative for growth companies. NGM operates the Nordic Derivatives Exchange (NDX), a market for listing and trading of structured products, bonds and ETFs. Besides NDX, NGM also operates NG News, one of Sweden´s largest distributors of financial information. For more information about NGM, please visit