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The NGM stock exchange embraces sharing trend

The NGM stock exchange embraces sharing trend and begins sharing its revenue with the companies


The trend of sharing in society, also called "Collaborative consumption", has now spread to the stock market. On July 1st the Nordic Growth Market (NGM) was the first exchange to start sharing its trading revenues with its listed companies.

- For companies with a high trade turnover, it can result in a hefty extra revenue that could be used to develop the company further, says Roger Peleback, CEO of NGM.

The sharing trend that is currently sweeping across the community extends far beyond sharing one’s everyday life, one’s music or one’s home. People also share their private revenues, happily investing them in unknown people’s business ideas. Nordic Growth Market (NGM) has chosen to be the first stock exchange to embrace the sharing trend. From July 1st the stock market starts sharing the trading revenue generated when their listed companies' shares are traded.

- The companies will get 25% of trade revenue which means an ongoing revenue each month. For companies with a high trade turnover, it can result in a hefty extra revenue that can be used to develop the company further. For those with less trade it can still be seen as a greatly reduced fee for initial public presence. The revenue sharing is a part of our efforts to increase the value of a public listing and give growing companies more support and new opportunities, says Roger Peleback, CEO of NGM.

Companies listed at NGM are positive about the new model.
Ulrik Jansson, President and CEO of Crown Energy, comments:

- As representative of Crown Energy, I’m grateful towards this opportunity to lower the cost of our listing. It is also an incentive for the company to market ourselves and, by doing so, immediately seeing the result of this in higher turnover and thus lower costs for the listing, says Ulrik Jansson.

Ingrid Nordlund, CEO of NGS Group, is also in favor of the new model.

- This was an unexpected initiative and I'm feeling very optimistic about it. We are now getting revenue that we hadn’t expected. Revenue that we can invest in the company, says Ingrid Nordlund.

- We get a very positive response to this initiative and it feels great to be involved and to contribute to the growth of the companies. The whole idea of sharing feels both healthy and contemporary, says Roger Peleback.


For more information please contact:

Roger Peleback, CEO of NGM
Tel: 0705-493021

Ulrik Jansson, CEO of Crown Energy
Tel: 0707-51 41 84

Ingrid Nordlund, CEO of NGS Group
Tel: 0704-14 81 28


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