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NGM introduces revenue sharing for listed companies

NGM introduces revenue sharing for listed companies


NGM is introducing a model which means that listed companies will receive a share of the stock exchange trading revenue. The aim is to facilitate for growth companies to take the plunge into the stock market and to support their continued growth.

The revenue split will be introduced from 1 July 2014 and, in brief, means that the company receives 25 percent of the revenue generated at NGM when the company's shares are traded. Both new and currently listed companies whose shares are traded on NGM may take advantage of this offer.
”The world is changing, and we have chosen to develop this model, which we think is more contemporary. A lower cost for an IPO helps to increase the companies' interest to enter the stock market and take advantage of the benefits that it provides. In addition, the companies' incentives to work for a good liquidity in the shares increases, thereby benefiting both companies and investors in the stock market”, says Roger Peleback, CEO of NGM.

The change is part of NGM's undertaking to increase the value of a public listing and give growing companies support and new opportunities. The model reduces companies' costs for a listing thereby providing increased opportunities for companies to procure quality promotion services from external advisors and liquidity providers, or otherwise create better conditions for a stable growth.

”By challenging exchanges' traditional cost model, we create a more attractive market for the companies. We also create an incentive for companies to remain with NGM as they grow since, with us, they receive a contribution that they can invest in their continued growth”, says Roger Peleback.

All companies listed on NGM Equity and Nordic MTF will be offered the opportunity to enter into the agreement governing the revenue distribution.


For more information, please contact:

Eva Riben, Head of Listing, phone: +46 700 42 91 00, email:
Roger Peleback, CEO, phone: +46 8 566 390 25, email:


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