Market Access

Accessing the NGM exchange

Trading on the NGM exchange is conducted in the Elasticia® Exchange Trading System. Participants access all of Nordic Growth Market's markets through one single system.

Production System Access

Access to the NGM production systems is provided to:
  • Members of the exchange
  • Technical service providers
  • Market data vendors

In order for members and market data vendors to access Nordic Growth Market's Elasticia exchange production system, relevant agreement(s) such as Member Agreement, Service Provider Access Agreement and/or Market Data Agreement shall be in place and the following criteria should be met:

  • The technical system interacting with the exchange must be conformance tested and approved by NGM. See the system connectivity section for more information on the options available to connect to the exchange.
  • Network access to the primary and the secondary (disaster recovery) data centers must be in place.
  • A production system account must have been ordered from NGM.

Test System Access

Access to the NGM test system is provided to:

  • Members of the exchange
  • Market data vendors
  • Technical service providers
  • System and service providers

In order to access the test system, clients should order and setup network connectivity and order the accounts needed from NGM Technical Support and if not yet in place, clients should now sign up for the participants forum.

Ordering Access

Contact NGM Support to order technical access.

System Connectivity

Clients access NGM and participate in the market through different types of accounts using systems that are integrated with Elasticia.