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Over 10.000 listed securities at the NGM Exchange – Never before has the range of investment products been larger!

Over 10.000 listed securities at the NGM Exchange – Never before has the range of investment products been larger!


NGM now offers over 10 000 listed securities, a milestone for the Nordic exchange. And in addition to the increase of companies choosing a listing there is also an increasing range of ETP’s.

The trade on the NGM Exchange reaches new record levels. The total trade turnover, exceeding 13.6 billion SEK for August 2015, means an increase with 183% compared to the same period last year when the turnover landed at 4.8 billion SEK. September showed high trading activity as well with a turnover of 12,4 billion SEK. The increase in trading is a result of the market volatility, the growing number of listed companies and the rising interest in ETP’s. The number of listed products at the NGM Exchange have now surpassed 10 000. A majority of these are exchange-traded products, for example Bull & Bear certificates, Mini Futures and Turbo warrants.

- We are both excited and proud to be able to offer over 10,000 securities for Nordic investors. We have worked together with our issuers for a long time to develop our offer. Exchange traded products, which used to attract only the most active traders, are now being traded by the regular investors, says Tommy Fransson, Deputy CEO of NGM.

Shares are being traded more frequently as well. Since last spring, three companies have been listed on Nordic MTF, NGM’s unregulated market.

- We have improved our offer towards the equity segment and lately it has started to produce results. The revenue split, which means that we give 25% kickback to companies when their stocks are traded, is only one part of the offer. A quick process, robust trading systems and our collaboration with the news agency Direkt makes companies look at NGM as an attractive marketplace, says Tommy Fransson.

To strengthen its equity offer further, NGM also created a segment especially tailored for Swedish AIFs (Alternative Investment Funds). The list is a result of the new legislation on alternative investment funds in Sweden, and it is an example of NGM's ability to quickly adapt to market needs. In addition to being the market leader in exchange-traded products NGM also offer a complete exchange arena for companies that want to list their shares or other securities.


For more information, please contact:

Tommy Fransson, deputy CEO NGM
Phone: +46 (0) 8 566 390 49