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July turnover exceeds 3.5 billion SEK (400 million Euro) at NGM

July turnover exceeds 3.5 billion SEK (400 million Euro) at NGM

Nordic Growth Market NGM generated a total turnover exceeding 3.5 billion SEK (400 million Euro) for July 2013, based on NGM’s three markets; Sweden, Finland and Norway.

So far this year NGM has reported a total turnover of more than 25 billion SEK which is an increase of 16.5 percent compared to the same period last year.

During the month of July, NGM listed equities reached a total turnover of more than 41 million SEK. NGM Equity accounted for 23 million SEK and Nordic MTF accounted for closer to 18 million SEK.
So far this year, turnover in NGM listed equities has increased by 192 percent compared to the same period last year.

In July, NDX Sweden reported a turnover exceeding 3.1 billion SEK while NDX Norway reached a turnover of 28 million NOK and NDX Finland a turnover of 38 million Euros. At NDX Sweden the Constant Leverage certificates with OMX as the underlying asset accounted for over 50 percent of July’s turnover. NDX Finland’s highest turnover of the traded instrument types were knockout Warrants, with Nokia or DAX as underlying asset, while Mini Futures had the highest turnover at NDX Norway.

Notes: For table, see attached file p.2. Exchange rate for July 31, 2013 EUR/SEK: 8.66578, EUR/NOK: 7.83835

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