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NGM exchange offers Finnish companies new listing options

Press release November 15, 2016

NGM exchange offers Finnish companies new listing options

Nordic Growth Market (NGM) now offers Finnish companies new options for listing their shares on regulated list NGM Equity and unregulated list Nordic MTF. NGM’s platform for unlisted companies, Nordic Pre Market, is being opened to Finnish companies as well.

The Nordic Growth Market (NGM) has offered its trading platform for exchange traded products, the Nordic Derivatives Exchange (NDX), to Finnish investors since 2010. Now NGM is also beginning operations for companies and is starting to offer Finnish companies the option to list their shares in EUR and SEK.

NGM will provide Finnish companies with the same lists it currently provides to Swedish companies: NGM Equity (regulated list) and Nordic MTF (unregulated list). The platform for unlisted companies, Nordic Pre Market, will be opened to Finnish companies as well. The platform was opened in Sweden in 2013.

Nasdaq is currently the only exchange serving companies on the Finnish market. NGM CEO Roger Peleback highlights offering the market an alternative as one of the reasons for launching this service.

“Competition is required for the development of a market, and the Finnish market needs a client-focused exchange that takes greater responsibility for helping companies grow. I am confident that our strong client focus and our cost-effective solutions will be met with great interest from many companies,” says Roger Peleback.

Like their Swedish counterparts, Finnish companies that quote or list their shares on NGM will get a share of the exchange's trading revenue under NGM’s unique revenue sharing model, the first of its kind in the world. This means that all Finnish companies receive 25 percent of NGM’s revenue generated when the company’s shares are traded on the exchange. NGM will also provide journalistic coverage of the Finnish companies via a partnership with a news agency.

For more information, please contact
Roger Peleback, CEO, Nordic Growth Market (NGM)
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Steen Manelius, Head of Equities Finland, Nordic Growth Market (NGM)
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