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New opening hours at stock exchange give Finnish investors advantage

Today Nordic Derivatives Exchange (NDX), operated by Nordic Growth Market, launches new opening hours in Finland. The trading started already at 9 a.m. – one hour earlier than before. With the new opening hours Finnish investors gain advantage in the market as well as one hour of extra trading. The rest of the market will still open at 10 a.m.

NDX (Nordic Derivatives Exchange), operated by the stock exchange Nordic Growth Market (NGM) operates in Finland, Sweden and Norway. NDX has grown fast and is today the leading Nordic exchange within exchange traded products (ETP’s).

Today, on the November 10th, NDX launches new opening hours in Finland. The trading starts already at 9 a.m., one hour earlier than the rest of the market. Tommy Fransson, deputy CEO at NGM, tells why they have chosen to change their opening hours.

- As an exchange we need to act responsive to investor’s needs and as we felt that there was a need to start trading at 9 a clock we chose to change our opening hours. Now we are glad that we can offer trading from 9 a.m., says Tommy Fransson at NGM.

The analyst Christian Långfors is one investor who’s positive about the new opening hours. He tells that it’s good news for swing traders (investors that trade regularly).

- The new opening hours are good for swing traders who can now close bad positions one hour earlier than before. It also opens up new opportunities for daytraders, for instance gap trading and scalping when the DAX starts, says Christian Långfors.

Private investors can trade from 9 a.m. via all Finnish banks that offer NDX-products, such as Bull & Bear-certificate, Mini Futures, Mini Futures Best/Umlimited turbos and Warrants.


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