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Launch of a new list structure for NDX

Launch of a new list structure for NDX

On Friday, on November 29th, 2013, a new list structure is launched for NDX. The biggest change concerns structured products for which the previous list, “NDX Bonds”, is replaced by two new lists for each country.

“NDX Bonds” is replaced with “NDX Structured Products” and “NDX Miscellaneous Investment Products”. On “NDX Structured Products” it is mandatory for a market maker to quote buy prices in the listed structured products. On “NDX Miscellaneous Investment Products” it will still be possible to list structured products without a active market making requirement.

“Since issuers and arrangers are closest to the end-client, we want to create an opportunity for them to decide how they want to manage the secondary market for their products. It will now, as an issuer, be possible to choose which of the two regulated lists to list structured products on.” says Tommy Fransson Vice CEO, NGM

NGM continuously works to improve the conditions for issuers, arrangers and investors and this improvement, increases the transparency, makes it easier for clients to follow the development of their investments and makes it possible to use structured products in more types of investment wrappers.

All real time prices on NDX are available at:

You can read about current new issues of structured products at:

N.b. New listings on the above mentioned lists can commence from and including December 2nd, 2013.


For further information, please contact:

Tommy Fransson, Deputy CEO, NGM

Tel: +46(0)8 566 390 10



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