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Eyeonid is being listed at NGM Nordic MTF

Eyeonid Group AB (publ) is being listed at NGM Nordic MTF

The Nordic Growth Market (NGM exchange) has decided to list Eyeonid Group AB (publ) (Eyeonid) at Nordic MTF. The first trading day is September 20, 2016..

Eyeonid operates in IT security. The company was set up in 2014 and have since developed a technically advanced platform for proactive ID protection services. Eyeonid's service monitors the Internet and warns customers when sensitive information such as logging in information, credit card numbers and personal ID numbers are available. More about Eyeonid Group at

"We are very pleased today to note that the company has reached one of its strategic objectives for 2016 - the listing of the company share at NGM Nordic MTF. The listing will increase awareness about the company and our services which aids benefits our sales", says Eyeonid's CEO Daniel Söderberg.

Henrik Sundevall is the chairman of the board. Daniel Söderberg is the CEO.

"We welcome Eyeonid to NGM and our list Nordic MTF and we look forward to follow their growth on the stock exchange", says Roger Peleback, CEO, NGM.

Nordic MTF is NGM's market place for SME's in the Nordic region. Shareholders and other actors on the stock market can subscribe free-of-charge to the company's press releases and financial reports using NGM's news service NG News,

Eyeonid's share will be trading under the ticker symbol EOID MTF.

For further information, please contact:

Eva Riben, Head of Listing, Nordic Growth Market, phone: 0700-42 91 00, email:

Roger Peleback, CEO, Nordic Growth Market, phone: 0705-49 30 21, email:

Daniel Söderberg, CEO, Eyeonid Group AB, Phone: 0734-22 79 30, email: