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Alibaba, third most popular underlying asset at the NGM Exchange

Alibaba, third most popular underlying asset at the NGM Exchange


At 13:50 pm on September 22th, Alibaba was the third most traded asset at the NGM Exchange. First runner up was the DAX index while the most traded underlying was the OMX30 index.

The fast growing Chinese E-trade company, Alibaba, had its IPO on NYSE on Friday (Sept 19th). On the same day, Commerzbank listed new investment products at the NGM Exchange with Alibaba as the underlying asset. Swedish investors can because of this easily gain exposure to the foreign company through Bull & Bear-certificates, x3 and x4, and through Mini Futures BEST.

Alibaba’s IPO on Friday was the largest ever, and the interest from Swedish private investors far exceeded that which was when Facebook was listed. The NGM Exchange has noticed a great interest among Swedish investors who want to trade Alibaba with leverage.

- The trading in instruments with Alibaba as the underlying asset has started well and it is great to see that it is in the top three among the most popular assets. It will be interesting to see what the trading numbers look like when the American stock exchange opens at. 15:30, says Tommy Fransson, vice president of NGM.

The large interest among investors has resulted in a broadening in Commerzbank’s product range within the coming days. Peter Olsson, Country Manager Scandinavia at Commerzbank, explains briefly about new introductions:

- Due to the great interest in Alibaba and the movement in the share during the first trading day, we will be listing 10 Mini Futures BEST tomorrow with updated strikes on Alibaba. It will include Mini Long BEST with strikes up to $ 90 and Mini Short BEST with strikes up to $ 120.

Why do investors trade with exchange traded products?

• Opportunity to earn money both in the rise and fall
• Access to hard-to-reach markets such as shares in foreign companies, commodities, interest rates and currencies
• Ability to leverage
• Wide range of products to suit all track types (high and low risk)
• Trading in the same way as when trading via the common depository account in a transparent exchange that is supervised by the FSA
• All trading is done in real time
• Ability to deal with small amounts. Good addition to stock trading


For more information, please contact:

Tommy Fransson, deputy CEO, NGM
Phone: +46 (0) 8 566 390 49

Peter Olsson, Country Manager Scandinavia, Commerzbank
Phone: +49 (0) 69 136 478 44