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Alibaba lists at Swedish exchange!

Alibaba lists at Swedish exchange!


In preparation for the listing of the fast-growing Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba on September 19, new investment products with the company as the underlying are now listed at NGM. On the same day that Alibaba will begin trading on the NYSE, investors may gain exposure to the company via the Bull & Bear certificate and Mini Futures BEST, listed by Commerzbank.

The interest in Alibaba's IPO, which is one of the world's largest to date, is huge worldwide and the introduction is already fully subscribed. Prior to the introduction Commerzbank takes the opportunity to list new products with Alibaba as underlying at the NGM exchange. The same day as the trade begins in the shares, investors will thus be able to act both directly in shares and with leverage through so-called exchange-traded investment products (ETPs). The range of products at NGM will contain the Bull & Bear certificate, x3 and x4 and Mini Futures BEST. Trading begins in conjunction with the opening of the American stock exchange.
NGM has been able to offer trading in leveraged products the same day or the day following the IPO of several well-known and renowned companies, such as KING, Facebook, Twitter and Google. The demand for leveraged products with well-known companies as the underlying is often large investors who wish to speculate in companies development.

Expectations for Alibaba's IPO is high and at NGM one waits with excitement.

- A lot of interesting companies have gone public recently, such as Com Hem, Wal Mart, and LinkedIn, and it creates opportunities for our issuers to launch exciting leveraged products with the companies as the underlying. It will be interesting to see how investors will speculate when Alibaba products are listed. Many tend to want to act in connection with an IPO’s such as this one, says Tommy Fransson, vice president of NGM.

At Commerzbank, the issuer responsible for listing the product, one looks forward to the trading day on Friday:

The IPO of Alibaba on the NYSE is one of this year's most anticipated. Commerzbank is proud to offer the Swedish retail customers the ability to gain exposure to this exciting company, right from the first day of trading, in an easy and capital efficient way. We list Mini Futures BEST and Bull Certificates with different levers. When trading in the shares has started we intend to broaden its product range, including Bear certificates. I am very excited about how our Swedish customers will deal with Alibaba, says Peter Olsson, Country Manager Scandinavia at Commerzbank.


Why do investors with exchange traded products?

• - Opportunity to earn money both in the rise and fall
- Access to hard to reach markets such as shares in foreign companies, commodities, interest rates and currencies
- Ability to leverage
- Wide range of products to suit all track types (high and low risk)
- Trading in the same way as when trading via the common depository account in a transparent exchange that is supervised by the FSA
- All trading is done in real time
- Ability to deal with small amounts. Good addition to stock trading


For more information, please contact:

Tommy Fransson, deputy CEO, NGM
Phone: +46(0)8 566 390 49

Peter Olsson, Country Manager Scandinavia, Commerzbank
Phone: +49 (0)69 136 478 44