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Vontobel enters the Swedish market and have chosen NGM.

Vontobel enters the Swedish market and have chosen NGM as their stock exchange.


In January Bank Vontobel Europe AG enters the Swedish market and they have chosen to become a member at the NGM stock exchange. Vontobel expects to start market making from the 12th of January.

Today NGM announces that Bank Vontobel Europe AG, Frankfurt am Main, is a new member at the stock exchange. The bank is a subsidiary of the Swiss Vontobel Group, which has been among the leading houses for structured products in Switzerland and Germany for many years. In January Vontobel will expand its business to Sweden. Vontobel will be offering different types of certificates and warrants to Swedish investors and are expected to start market making from the 12th of January. The short name will be VON.

NGM are pleased to announce the new member.

- We are very glad that Vontobel has chosen our exchange. We have a superior trading system, both when it comes to reliability and new technical functions, and we look forward to making Vontobel’s products available to Swedish traders. That fact that Vontobel picked our exchange underpins that we have a well-known brand even beyond the Swedish borders and that is very important for us, says Tommy Fransson, Deputy CEO at NGM.

Vontobel looks forward to the launch in Sweden.

- We are excited to enter the Swedish market. It is a market that is growing fast and has been among the top market places for structured products, especially for leverage products. To work with NGM is a natural choice for us. They have a strong track record with a reliable trading system; they know the market and they work close to their customers in order to offer the best service. That is crucial in a relation such as this, says Wolfgang Gerhardt, member of executive board at Bank Vontobel Europe AG in Frankfurt am Main.


For more information please contact:


Tommy Fransson, Deputy CEO, NGM

Phone: +46 (0)8 566 390 49



Heiko Geiger, Head Public Distribution, Bank Vontobel Europe AG

Phone: +49 (0) 69 69 59 96 230