Successful migration of Spotlight Stock Market to NGM’s trading system

Starting today, on November 17, 2017, the shares listed on Spotlight Stock Market is being traded in NGM’s trading system Elasticia, following a successful transfer from a previous supplier.

Following a successful migration, trading in the 160 companies listed on Spotlight Stock Market is now being offered in NGM’s trading system Elasticia. Since the development of Elasticia, NGM’s continuous focus has been customer value and transparency, which in turn has resulted in a trading system that offers investors the best conditions. In the coming years, additional system deliveries are expected to take place as NGM sees a strong demand within the segment.

“It is no doubt a pleasure to be able to welcome Spotlight Stock Market as the first external customer to select Elasticia. More than 11,000 securities have previously been offered in NGM’s trading platform and by welcoming Spotlight Stock Market we are further strengthening our position on the Nordic stock market”, says Tommy Fransson, deputy CEO of NGM.

Tommy Fransson, deputy CEO
+46 8 566 390 49