1. On which date will evening trading be launched? 

On May 2, 2023. 

2. Until what time will I be able to trade exchange traded products on NGM? 

Until 22.00 CET (Central European Time) 

3. Which markets are affected by this change?

All ETP markets in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway 

4. On which days will I be able to trade in the evening? 

All regular trading days. Half day trading days are unaffected by this change.

5. Which type of products will I be able to trade? 

During evening trading, we expect an increased arrange of ETPs with underlying US stocks and indices, as well as commodities in general. We expect the usual range of non-leveraged and leveraged products. 

6. How do I access these ETPs for trading? 

The ETPs offered during evening trading will be accessed as usual through NGM’s members and online brokers. A list of our members is available here: Our members (ngm.se)

7. Can I expect the same liquidity during evening trading as during normal trading hours? 


8. Why should I trade these ETPs at NGM? 

Trading ETPs at NGM, a regulated Swedish stock exchange with long experience as the first mover for retail-friendly innovation, has many benefits. Besides accessibility through your regular online broker, we offer a transparent trading model with open order books and orderly trading. Our issuers/market makers offer good presence and spread. Our experience allows us to offer trading tailored for the benefit of the retail client.