Prolight Diagnostics AB

Prolight Diagnostics develops, together with technology partners, innovative, flexible, patient-centered testing systems, Point Of Care Testing (POCT), which is based on a patented technology. POC tests are performed outside the traditional hospital laboratory with small mobile instruments at, for example, medical centers, nursing homes, emergency rooms and intensive care units, which enables testing close to the patient and with fast test results. This technology intends to, at an early diagnostic stage, distinguish patients who need prompt care from those patients who, for example, do not have a heart attack. Prolight Diagnostics has, for a ten-year period, worked with the development within "micro ELISA" for Point of Care testing. The sales value in the POCT area amounted to USD 34.5 billion in 2020 and is growing strongly. The company´s share is traded under the short name PRLD.