NGM changes name of its regulated market into Main Regulated

Commencing May 4, 2020, Nordic Growth Market will change the name of its regulated market from NGM Equity to Main Regulated. The purpose of the name change is to simplify. On Main Regulated equities, debentures, bonds and structured products will be traded on one common regulated market under a common rulebook.

The brand NDX will also going forward be used as the name of the derivatives segment and Nordic AIF will include both equities and interest-bearing securities, meaning that the market segment is expanded.

“The new name Main Regulated emphasizes the fact that Nordic Growth Market offers a regulated market for shares, bonds, debentures and structured products under a common rulebook, in order to simplify for companies and issuers. The status as a regulated market is a quality stamp which among other things impacts access to institutional capital” says Magdalena Hartman, CEO of Nordic Growth Market.

In connection with the name change on May 4, 2020, a new rulebook, Rules for issues whose financial instruments are admitted to trading on Main Regulated, enters into force. The rulebook includes rules for listed companies as well as for bonds, debentures and structured products. Main Regulated, which is the name of the regulated market, will be registered with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

The website contains a Q&A with answers to the most common questions: Q&A – Main Regulated.

For more information please contact Olof Sundberg, Head of Legal, Nordic Growth Market, e-mail olof.sundberg@ngm.se