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BX Swiss Test system and tests

Test systems

  BX Test#1
Current status Online
Elasticia version 1.15
Instrument source
Fake instruments
NGM FIX Protocol 1.18
NGM FAST Templates 1.18
NGM Instrument Schema 2.1.0
DNS name
Port private channel 20200
Port public channel #1 20300
Port public channel #2 20301
Opening times(CET/CEST) Production schedule
Test schedule
- Reactive tests Mon-Fri




  • Reactive tests

    06:05 - 09:45 - Every 20 minutes.
    12:05 - 20:45 - Every 20 minutes.

    Actions will be taken in response to user activity.

    Trades with volume 330-339 (inclusive) and trades with volume 200000-250000 (inclusive) will be cancelled

    Limit orders with visible volume 340-349 (inclusive) and limit orders with visible volume 100000-150000 (inclusive) will be matched by an order placed by participantId "NGM3". This will generate a trade if the orderbook is in a tradeable state.