We are the first Exchange to share our revenues
– 25% kickback to our listed companies

At our exchange all companies get a share of the revenue generated when their stock is traded. Normally, that revenue goes directly to the marketplace. To share the revenues with our companies is a part of our efforts to raise the value of a stocklisting and to give growing companies the support and possibility to grow quicker. We want to be more than just an exchange to our companies. We want to be a partner, one that helps them move forward.

So what does this mean for our companies?

For the companies the revenue sharing means that they get an extra income every month. For some, this means a reduction of the operating cost of being listed, while for others it becomes a revenue with margin exceeds the listing cost. Regardless of which, all companies receive revenue which they have not had before. Revenue that they can now use to develop their business further.

The revenue sharing applies to all our companies, whether they are listed on Nordic MTF or the regulated market NGM Equity.

We have much to tell you. Don’t hesitate to contact us at notering@ngm.se.

Roger Peleback