Going injected means that you utilize the full set of customers and vendors already connected to the NGM exchange. A market segment is set up for you and injected right into the NGM exchange. You get access to all the members, market data vendors, system-, service-, network- and colocation-providers of the NGM exchange. It is already there.

Hosted means that NGM manages the technical operations of your exchange. You will be able to concentrate your resources on the development of your business instead of the technical and organizational issues that comes with operating an exchange. Which services that are handed over to NGM to operate can differ from one setup to another.

Deployed means that you license Elasticia as a software. You manage the daily operation of the exchange, support your customers etc. NGM will of course be able to assist you on the way, participating in setting up the system, training your super users, help you out during upgrades and provide 3rd line technical support. You are free to choose your setup of the system, hardware and operations as well as market administration.