Company criteria/requirements

Registering a company on Nordic Pre Market entails the planning of its future IPO, as well as providing information to the capital market. This is an opportunity to attract the interest of several investors. In order to succeed, the company needs to have realistic plans and a willingness to communicate them to the market. Companies from all Nordic countries can apply to register.

To help them, NGM has developed a training kit called The Exchange Journey, and has also started creating a network of approved and skilled advisors that can provide the support necessary for companies to develop their exchange reputation and fund raising skills.

As Nordic Pre Market is not a venue for trading company shares, the requirements for registering are less strict. Companies are able to develop their capacity at their own pace.

However, some basic requirements must be met, such as:

  • being a public company or aiming to become a public company
  • having the goal of being listed or quoted within a two-year period
  • having an auditor
  • having a long-term financing plan


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