Clearing organisations

Membership at Nordic Growth Market NGM AB (“NGM”) requires participation directly or indirectly in clearing and settlement systems where the relevant instruments are cleared and settled. Please see the list below for a description of the currently applicable clearing organisations for each of NGM’s market segments

Market segment Clearing organisation
NGM Equity Euroclear Sweden AB
Market segment Clearing organisation
Nordic MTF Euroclear Sweden AB
Market segment Clearing organisation
NDX Sweden
Certificates SE Euroclear Sweden AB
Exotics SE Euroclear Sweden AB
Knock-outs SE Euroclear Sweden AB
Plain Vanillas SE Euroclear Sweden AB
Structured Products SE Euroclear Sweden AB
Miscellaneous Investment Products SE Optional (however, please see the requirements below)
NDX Finland
Certificates FI Euroclear Finland Oy
Exotics FI Euroclear Finland Oy
Knock-outs FI Euroclear Finland Oy
Plain Vanillas FI Euroclear Finland Oy
Structured Products FI Euroclear Finland Oy
Miscellaneous Investment Products FI Optional (however, please see the requirements below)
NDX Norway
Certificates NO Verdipapirsentralen, VPS
Exotics NO Verdipapirsentralen, VPS
Knock-outs NO Verdipapirsentralen, VPS
Plain Vanillas NO Verdipapirsentralen, VPS
Structured Products NO Verdipapirsentralen, VPS
Miscellaneous Investment Products NO Optional (however, please see the requirements below)

This list does not prevent members from choosing a system for the settlement of transactions undertaken on a regulated market on condition that:

  •  the links between, and agreements concerning, the designated settlement system and any other system assure an efficient and economical settlement of the transaction; and
  •  the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority has not decided that the chosen settlement system may not be used for settlement of transactions on the regulated market.