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All you need to know for the upcoming change of exchange trading system for Aktietorget 

With the announcement of Aktietorget’s move to NGM’s trading system Elasticia, the information on this page will provide answers related to membership and the process towards commencement of trading in Elasticia. 

On this page you will find information on:

  • Legal aspects
  • Technical preparation for the transition (including market data)



In connection with the commencement of trading at Aktietorget through NGM’s exchange trading system Elasticia, NGM will update its member rules and include rules pertaining to trading at Aktietorget. In all material respects, the same rules will apply for trading at Aktietorget as for trading at NGM. Aktietorget will however continue to operate an independent market surveillance function and disciplinary committee.

Questions pertaining to the required membership for future trading is answered beneath each respective headings below, since the answer depends on which trading venue a party is a member of before Aktietorget’s change of trading system.

For parties which are members of Aktietorget and NGM

No active measures are required. The member has already been assessed by NGM and Aktietorget and will automatically be comprised of NGM’s and Aktietorget’s new member rules which will be launched during the fall of 2017.

For parties which are only members of NGM (and not Aktietorget)

The party will be subject to a summarized membership assessment by Aktietorget. The affected parties will be notified well in advance of the commencement of Aktietorget’s change of trading systems.

For parties which are only members of Aktietorget (and not NGM)

The party must apply for Membership at NGM in order to be able to continue trading at Aktietorget. More information on applying for membership at NGM is available on the following website:


Technical preparation for the transition

As of November 17, 2017 Aktietorget’s instruments will be traded in NGM’s exchange trading system, Elasticia. In all material aspects, the same procedures will apply for Aktietorget’s instruments as for NGM’s. 

Questions pertaining to the required actions to take is answered beneath each respective headings below, since the answer depends on which trading venue a party is a participant of before Aktietorget’s change of trading system.


All parties will need to make sure that on the commencement of Aktietorget’s trading in Elasticia, their systems are configured to use Elasticia for order entry, market data and back office services.

NGM will communicate on upcoming events through the channel for system related updates, NGM Forum – Elasticia Participant (a.k.a. ngm-dev). Contact NGM Support for further information on how to sign up for updates through the forum.

For parties which are participants of Aktietorget and NGM

Parties will be able to verify their systems towards relevant test systems. In mid September 2017, NGM will in test systems add the market segments for Aktietorget as well as the instruments that are from time to time available in the market.

For parties which are only participants of NGM (and not Aktietorget)

Similar to parties which are participants of both Aktietorget and NGM, parties will be able to verify their systems towards relevant test systems, where Aktietorget’s market segments and instruments will be available along NGM market segments and instruments.

For parties which are only participants of Aktietorget (and not NGM)

The party should as soon as possible contact their relevant system providers to verify that connectivity to NGM’s exchange trading system is supported.

The list of companies with systems integrated to Elasticia are found here.

Information related to network connectivity is found here.

Independent software vendors

Independent software vendors and other service providers that are not integrated to Elasticia yet are advised to contact NGM Support for guidance.

Market data

Aktietorget’s market data, including reference/static data will be distributed from NGM’s exchange trading system in the same manner as for NGM’s other market data. NGM will set up a new market data gateway specifically for Aktietorget, which will also be setup in the relevant test systems in mid September.  

Aktietorget’s market data will be included and covered by existing NGM market data agreement. Hence, for existing market data vendors or end customers of NGM data no additional costs will apply.

Existing market data vendors can be found in the «Market data vendor» column in the table found here.


Contact information

NGM Support
+46 8 566 390 60

Market Data
+46 8 566 390 62